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Researchers Slam Artificial Intelligence Software That Predicts Emotions

A prominent group of researchers alarmed by the harmful social effects of artificial intelligence called Thursday for a ban on automated analysis of facial expressions in hiring and other major decisions. The AI Now Institute at New York University said action against such software-driven "effec... Read More

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Subsets of Artificial Intelligence

Machine LearningMachine learning is a part of AI which provides intelligence to machines with the ability to automatically learn with experiences without being explicitly programmed. It is primarily concerned with the design and development of algorithms that allow the system to lea... Read More

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Artificial Intelligence Not Seen As A Job-Killer, Yet

Executives don’t see many job cuts ahead of a result of tasks being replaced by AI. Is this a realistic perception?A recent survey of executives out of IFS tackled issues of AI perception, finding a few business leaders predict worker displacement by AI. Close to half, 46%, predict AI... Read More

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Cyber security enhanced with AI and ML: Improving data loss prevention

The vast and growing amounts of data being created, collected and used by the enterprise makes the deployment of data security solutions a business imperative. It is essential to implement cybersecurity solutions and practices to prevent data leaks and breaches, but how do businesses stay ahead... Read More

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What Does Interoperability Mean for the Future of Machine Learning

Interoperability in action: HealthcareLet’s use healthcare as an example of how interoperable machine learning technology can enhance our lives. Consider high-tech medical procedures like CT scans that automatically generate large volumes of sensor data for a single patient as opposed to health... Read More

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Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Python

Ever since computers were invented, there has been an exponential growth in their ability and potential to perform various tasks. In order to use computers across diverse working domains, humans have developed computer systems while increasing their speed, and reducing size with respect to time.... Read More

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Putting Artificial Intelligence to Work

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the hottest technology trends on the planet, but for the average small business owner, it can be terribly intimidating. It’s time to get over that.While many small and midsized business (SMB) leaders say AI is critical for their business, only one in five... Read More

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Artificial intelligence will make you smarter

The future won't be made by either humans or machines alone – but by both, working together. Technologies modeled on how human brains work are already augmenting people's abilities, and will only get more influential as society gets used to these increasingly capable machines. Technology opt... Read More

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Artificial intelligence has the power to change the world – but it is double-edged sword

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already reconfiguring the world inconspicuous ways. Data drives our global digital ecosystem, and AI technologies reveal patterns in data. Smartphones, smart homes, and smart cities influence how we live and interact, and AI systems are increasingly... Read More

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Artificial intelligence and the future of medicine

Artificial intelligence has the potential to transform medicine. Two Washington University experts, Philip Payne, PhD, and Thomas Maddox, MD, discuss how AI may change health care and what challenges need to be addressed before it can become part of routine care.Washington University researcher... Read More


Healthcare Natural Language Processing Expects Steady Growth

Natural language processing is rising in the healthcare industry as organizations seek solutions to process unstructured data.Healthcare natural language processing (NLP) is expected to grow significantly over the next several years as organizations continue to adopt more advanced health IT infr... Read More

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How big data, machine learning and apps are revolutionising healthcare

From advances in neurorobotics to automatic scheduling of tailored doctors’ appointments based on app data, technology is helping healthcare run smoother. The technology sector has been reshaped by big data, machine learning, robotics, peer-to-peer learning and more, and the healthcare se... Read More

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Why we need to fine- Tune our Definition of Artificial Intelligence

Sophia’s uncanny-valley face, made of Hanson Robotics’ patented Flubber, is rapidly becoming an iconic image in the field of artificial intelligence. She has been interviewed on shows like 60 Minutes, made a Saudi citizen, and even appeared before the United Nations. Every media... Read More


Encapsulating the Entire Evolution of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence was first recorded centuries ago in the antiquity of ancient Greek mythology. When Aristotle developed the syllogism for the purpose of deductive reasoning, it was the first step by human beings to try and understand their own intellect. But, AI, as we kno... Read More

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When AI Fabrication is Acceptable

Typically, viewers will accept the fabrications of artificial intelligence if they are aware of it. Through the years many of us have come to accept, for the benefit of entertainment, representations of real-life on movie and television screens. However, now Hollywood is getting an AI t... Read More


Computing and artificial intelligence: Humanistic perspectives from MIT

The advent of artificial intelligence presents our species with a historic opportunity — disguised as an existential challenge: Can we stay human in the age of AI?  In fact, can we grow in humanity, can we shape a more humane, more just, and sustainable world? I am cautiously optimist... Read More


5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Brings Diversity to the Modern Workplace

Diversity has become one of the pillars of the modern business world, and in many countries across the globe, it is one of the prerequisites for a company to even exist, let alone build a thriving brand. In the quest for higher workplace diversity and a more diverse recruitment process that... Read More


Milan Fashion Week and Fashion Law Trends - Can Artificial Intelligence create a style The relationship between fashion and technology

 AI is transforming the fashion industry in every element of its value chain and marketplace. In last years, all retail giants are using AI to improve the efficiency of sales systems and processes and to enhance clients’ shopping experience, offering a personalized service tailored on their... Read More


How artificial intelligence is transforming the standard of higher education

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning have disrupted human activity since its inception in the 1960s. Today, we depend on intelligent machines to perform highly sophisticated and specific tasks without explicit human input. Rather, they rely on patterns and inferences instead. AI algori... Read More


What Makes Artificial Intelligence Marketing so Powerful

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning form the core of many industries today, not barring marketing. AI helps bridge the gap between Data Science and Execution.Artificial Intelligence Marketing is an emerging technology that is poised to become an essential part... Read More


The rise of the robo-restaurant: AI is ready to take your order

Have you ever stood at the counter of a fast-food restaurant unsure of what to order? Well, that could become a thing of the past – artificial intelligence is cooking up something especially for you.Many restaurants have already deployed automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning... Read More


Police fear bias in use of artificial intelligence to flight crime

British police officers are among those concerned that the use of artificial intelligence in fighting crime is raising the risk of profiling bias, according to a report commissioned by government officials. The paper warned that algorithms might judge people from disadvantaged backgrounds as “a... Read More


Improving the Health Care Consumer Experience with Conversational AI

Among health care C-suite executives, 69% report that improving the health care consumer experience is their organization’s first or second top strategic priority in 2019, according to just-published research from Sage Growth Partners. This means that common improvement initiatives, includ... Read More


What’s Powering Artificial Intelligence

While artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) applications soar in popularity, many organizations are questioning where ML workloads should be performed. Should they be done on a central processor (CPU), a graphics processor (GPU), or a neural processor (NPU)? The choice most team... Read More


Artificial intelligence: an open source future

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming everything in our daily lives, from customer experience and healthcare to manufacturing and agriculture. As a result, we’re seeing exponential growth in AI funding. In fact, in the UK alone investment for AI developers from venture capital increased... Read More


Artificial Intelligence Can Spot Plankton from Space

Scientists mimicked the neural networks of the brain to map phytoplankton types in the Mediterranean Sea. A new study published in the Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans presented a new method of classifying phytoplankton that relies on artificial intelligence clusterin... Read More


Artificial Intelligence makes life better

Grandpa Jiang, a 73-year-old man suffering from lumbar diseases, found “a best friend and assistant” in a new senior care center in the Pudong New Area.It’s a robot called UFU that looks like a normal wheelchair initially. But it can be adjusted to a standing position and moved with a control st... Read More


Artificial Intelligence Revolution: This is why Universities are Reexaminig curriculums

Artificial Intelligence RevolutionArtificial Intelligence is slowly taking over given its ability to enhance efficiency in various operations. Increased automation, thanks to the machine learning technology, is gradually becoming a reality. Amidst the transformation, there have been concerns th... Read More


Shaping the Future Of Technology Governance: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the software engine that drives the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Its effect can be seen in homes, businesses and political processes. In its embodied form as robots, it will soon be driving cars, stocking warehouses and caring for the young and elderly. AI holds... Read More


Microsoft announces skilling initiative in artificial intelligence for government officials in charge of IT

In line with the government’s Digital India vision, Microsoft India launched the Digital Governance Tech Tour, a National program to deliver critical AI and intelligent cloud computing skills to the Government officials in charge of IT across the country. The initiative comprises a series of phy... Read More


How China Is Revolutionising Education Using Artificial Intelligence

In China, huge strides are already being made when it comes to integrating education students with artificial intelligence.In July 2017, China’s highest governmental body, the State Council, introduced the Next Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Plan (NGAIDP). It was aimed at connect... Read More

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Artificial Intelligence to Drive Future Weapons Development

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly permeating the defense industry to aid and improve human decision-making. Over the past few years several new products and technologies have come into play which indicates that this technology is on an upward trajectory.AI has a clear edge in areas such a... Read More


Semiconductor industry leads in artificial intelligence adoption: Accenture

The semiconductor industry is the most bullish about adopting artificial intelligence (AI) and understanding the significant impact it will have on their industry, according to Accenture Semiconductor Technology Vision 2019, the annual report from Accenture that predicts key technology trends li... Read More


Intel launches first artificial intelligence chip Springhill

Its first AI product comes after it had invested more than $120 million in three AI start-ups in Israel. Intel Corp on Tuesday launched its latest processor, its first using artificial intelligence (AI), designed for large computing centers.The chip, developed at its development facility in Ha... Read More


How Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Shape Customer Journey

Customer experience professionals have been obsessed with mapping customer journeys — optimizing business processes and streamlining the passage of engagement.Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, using real-time insights, — and proactively engaging at the r... Read More


Pentagon Underinvesting in Artificial Intelligence

In recent years, defense officials have been banging the drum about the importance of adopting artificial intelligence to assist with everything from operating autonomous platforms to intelligence analysis of logistics and back-office functions. But the Pentagon is not pumping enough money into... Read More


Artificial intelligence can contribute to a safer world

We all see the headlines nearly every day. A drone disrupting the airspace in one of the world’s busiest airports, putting aircraft at risk (and inconveniencing hundreds of thousands of passengers) or attacks on critical infrastructure. Or shooting in a place of worship, a school, a courthou... Read More


Artificial intelligence helps detect atrial fibrillation

Researchers in the US have developed a rapid, artificial intelligence (AI)-based test that can identify patients with abnormal heart rhythm, even when it appears normal. This 10-second test for atrial fibrillation could be a significant improvement over current test procedures that can take weeks... Read More


Can artificial intelligence beat a human hacker?

At some point, we have all completed a captcha to prove we are human when online. So, when a robot successfully completed the test, we were left asking, are our computers secure? Here Jonathan Wilkins, marketing director at obsolete parts supplier EU Automation, explains how#machine_learning&nb... Read More


Artificial intelligence, quantum computing and the laws of encryption

The last decade has seen several science and technology breakthroughs. From self-driving cars to 3D-printing, clean energy technologies to artificial intelligence assistants, progress has been swift. While some technologies take decades to become useful, others disrupt quickly. In 2019, two majo... Read More


Twilio: Harnessing The Power of AI (Artificial Intelligence)

On the earnings call, CEO Jeff Lawson noted: “We have the opportunity to change communications and customer engagement for decades to come.”And yes, as should be no surprise, one of the drivers will be #AI (Artificial Intelligence).  Just look at the company’s Autopilot offering (at t... Read More


Building trust in Machine Learning and AI in digital lending

From fraud prevention to investment predictions and marketing, Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are recent cutting edge developments in the finance industry. Particularly in the digital lending space, the next step to truly integrate these technologies is to build con... Read More


Powering next-generation networks with Artificial Intelligence

With an increase in smartphone penetration, the democratization of internet, HD video consumption and use of sophisticated technologies like AR and VR, massive amounts of data constantly hit a mobile network today. According to the Ericsson Mobility Report, June 2019 edition, data traffic per sm... Read More


How big data can boost agricultural growth

In agriculture, #big_data is often viewed as a combination of technology and analytics that can collect and compile novel data and process it in a more useful and timely way to assist decision making.#Data_mining is the computing process of discovering patterns in large data sets involving method... Read More


Artificial Intelligence can help decode epileptic brains

Epilepsy is the fourth most common neurological disorder affecting nearly 65 million people worldwide. The seizures or ‘fits’ as is commonly known, arise due to unusual electrical activity in the brain and is the chief symptom of epilepsy.Neither dependent on age or gender, the onset of the seiz... Read More


Artificial Intelligence for Counterterrorism?

The recent debate between the Associated Press and Facebook about the success of removing content posted by terrorist organizations should be a wake-up call concerning content moderation capabilities on these kinds of platforms. Facebook data indicates the removal of 99% of terrorism content, wh... Read More


The Amazing Ways Dubai Airport Uses Artificial Intelligence

AI Customs OfficialsThe Emirates Ministry of the Interior said that by 2020, immigration officers would no longer be needed in the UAE. They will be replaced by artificial intelligence. The plan is to have people just walk through an AI-powered security system to be scanned without taking o... Read More



For decades, research has shown that our perception of the world is influenced by our expectations. These expectations also called "prior beliefs," help us make sense of what we are perceiving in the present, based on similar past experiences.Consider, for instance, how a shadow on a patient's X... Read More


Hadoop Map Reduce For Analysing Information

Market Study Report, LLC, has added a detailed study on the Hadoop market which provides a brief summary of the growth trends influencing the market. The report also includes significant insights pertaining to the profitability graph, market share, regional proliferation and SWOT analysis of thi... Read More

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Decision Management

Decision management is described as an "emerging important discipline, due to an increasing need to automate high-volume decisions across the enterprise and to impart precision, consistency, and agility in the decision-making process". Decision management is implemented "via the use of rule... Read More

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Speech Recognition

When discussing the rise of deep learning, the accuracy of automated approaches is typically compared to the gold standard of flawless human output. In reality, real-world human performance is actually quite poor at the kinds of tasks typically being considered for AI automation. Cataloging imag... Read More


Big Data Algorithms

Clustering algorithms have emerged as an alternative powerful meta-learning tool to accurately analyze the massive volume of data generated by modern applications. In particular, their main goal is to categorize data into clusters such that objects are grouped in the same cluster when they are s... Read More

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Information fusion

A more precise definition of the field of information fusion can be of benefit to researchers within the field, who may use such a definition when motivating their own work and evaluating the contribution of others. Moreover, it can enable researchers and practitioners outside the field to... Read More

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Internet Of Things (IOT)

MediaTek has launched the new i700 the platform, which is an AI chipset that can be used for all things IoT. According to the company, the platform features high-speed edge AI computation that can be used for image recognition, accelerated development of AI-enabled IoT products, and more. The com... Read More

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Artificial Intelligence in Health Care

Several new studies have shown that computers can outperform doctors in cancer screenings and disease diagnoses. What does that mean for newly trained radiologists and pathologists?A young Johns Hopkins University a fellow recently asked that question while chatting with Elliot Fishman, MD, about... Read More


Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

You have a variety of factors to consider when identifying opportunities for robotic process automation: If a process is predictable, repetitive, and high-volume, for example, it might be a prime candidate for RPA. However, due to high expectations – and sometimes misplaced hopes – some... Read More

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Image Processing

Global Image Processing Systems Market Analysis, Forecast & Outlook (2019-2024)” provides extensive research and detailed analysis of the present market along with future outlook. The Image Processing Systems Market report covers the analysis of key stakeholders of the ImageProcessing S... Read More

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Machine Learning

Machine hashtaglearning may be the first step for many organizations that are adding hashtagAI-related technologies to their IT portfolio. Automates the process of creating algorithms by using data to "train" them rather than human software developers writing code. Basically, what you are doing is s... Read More


Learning vs Intelligence

Once I saw an article titled "Will neural networks replace machine learning?" on some hipster media website. These media guys always call any shitty linear regression at least artificial intelligence, almost SkyNet. Here is a simple picture to show who is who.Artificial intelligence is the name of a... Read More

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