Learning vs Intelligence

Once I saw an article titled "Will neural networks replace machine learning?" on some hipster media website. These media guys always call any shitty linear regression at least artificial intelligence, almost SkyNet. Here is a simple picture to show who is who.

Artificial intelligence is the name of a whole knowledge field, similar to biology or chemistry.

Machine Learning is a part of artificial intelligence. An important part, but not the only one.

Neural Networks are one of machine learning types. A popular one, but there are other good guys in the class.

Deep Learning is a modern method of building, training, and using neural networks. Basically, it's a new architecture. Nowadays in practice, no one separates deep learning from the "ordinary networks". We even use the same libraries for them. To not look like a dumbass, it's better just name the type of network and avoid buzzwords.

The general rule is to compare things on the same level. That's why the phrase "will neural nets replace machine learning" sounds like "will the wheels replace cars". Dear media, it's compromising your reputation a lot.

Machine can       Machine cannot

Forecast               Create something new

Memorize       Get smart really fast

Reproduce       Go beyond their task

Choose best item Kill all humans

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