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Machine Learning

Machine hashtaglearning may be the first step for many organizations that are adding hashtagAI-related technologies to their IT portfolio. Automates the process of creating algorithms by using data to "train" them rather than human software developers writing code. Basically, what you are doing is showing the algorithm examples, in the form of data. A famous example is a cat. What is a picture of a cat and what is not a picture of a cat? Can you train a hashtagmachine to recognize a cat by showing it examples of both cat and not a cat? By "looking" at all these examples, the machine learns to recognize the difference. Organizations are getting more adept at hashtagmachine hashtaglearning, and there are plenty of use cases to consider. For instance, NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital was using machine learning for hashtagcybersecurity and then recognized that it could use the same hashtagtechniques to help it fight the opioid crisis.

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